44551 Raven Lane

44551 Raven Lane, Mendocino, CA 95460
5.1 Sq Ft
0 Bedrooms
-1 Bathrooms
A Gem on the Mendocino Coast: Five-Acre Wooded Retreat Amidst Luxury and Nature. Behold this exquisite five-acre parcel, gracefully set in the coastal haven of Northern California's Mendocino region. An epitome of seclusion and opulence, this property offers the discerning investor an opportunity to indulge in the quintessential Californian lifestyle. Strategically located just minutes northeast of the charming Mendocino town center, this parcel bestows upon its owners a unique blend of accessibility and privacy. Despite its proximity to the main attractions of the area, the property enjoys a private setting, comfortably insulated by nature's bounty. Cloaked in lush foliage, the estate offers an idyllic setting for a custom-built sanctuary. The parcel is replete with mature trees and native plants, which not only augment the scenic beauty but also afford a harmonious co-existence with the local ecosystem. The property is endowed with a high-producing well, a boon particularly relevant in the context of California's water landscape. This sustainable water source enhances the property's appeal, ensuring that the land's verdant character is effortlessly maintained. Complementing the natural attributes of this lot is its situation in an enclave of luxury homes. The presence of these high-end residences adds a layer of prestige to the parcel, amplifying its investment value. It also offers the buyer the implicit assurance of being part of a community that values both aesthetic beauty and quality of life. Beyond its intrinsic attributes, the property presents a compelling investment narrative. Its unparalleled location, allied with its ecological richness, positions it as an attractive prospect for those looking to erect a palatial residence or a luxurious vacation home. This five-acre estate represents more than just a piece of land; it's an opportunity to own a slice of the prestigious and naturally stunning Mendocino Coast. Its potent combination of locational advantages, ecological richness, and community prestige make it a compelling acquisition for the discerning investor.
STYLE:Undeveloped Land
TYPOGRAPHY:Level, Gentle Slope, Creeks
Well, Natural Woods

44551 Raven Lane, Mendocino, CA 95460